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Milling heatsinks

Unable to fit the heatsink into the enclosure? Would you like to have a heatsink adjusted so that components can be attached? We modify heatsinks by milling exactly according to you specifications. We mill larger series on CNC-operated milling machines, with or without robotic loading.

Custom-made hole patterns are very popular. Send us your drawing!

Deltour heeft 10 CNC freesmachines om een efficiƫnt en flexibel  producten te maken

Deltour has 10 CNC milling machines to make efficient and flexible products

Flattening for optimal heat transfer

A flatness of 0.04 mm per 100 mm of length is often necessary in order to achieve optimal heat transfer from a component to a heatsink. Extruded heatsinks are rather rough themselves. Heat paste can only be used to deal with the differences on a small scale. We are able to provide you with heatsinks that have the desired flatness for disposing of all heat.

No burrs
Heatsinks and enclosures should never have burrs. Even one small piece of metal in your sensitive electronics might do a lot of harm. All milling done at Deltour is deburred in a neat and thorough way.

Options milling heatsinks

We provide all kinds of milling:

  • custom-made hole patterns
  • milling with a radius as from 0.5 mm
  • milling with or without robotic loading
  • from small to large milling
  • from simple to very complex milling
  • from a small number of pieces to very large series of heatsinks

All our milling is done in-house, which means that we can offer you rapid service and competitive prices.

Frezen met de hand

Not everything is done with computer-operated machines. It can be easier and faster sometimes to drill a hole by hand!

CNC frezen

A heatsink that might be sand-cast at a later stage. It is milled and tested first.

Deltour heeft meerdere machines uitgerust met haakse koppen . Hierdoor kunnen wij profielen tot 1350 mm op een effectieve manier voorzien van (tap) gaten in in de kopse kanten.

Deltour has equipped several machines with angular heads. This enables us to provide profiles up to 1350 mm with (tap) holes in the face sides effectively.

Deltour heeft meerdere robots opgenomen in het productieproces. Wij produceren dus ook 's nachts om uw producten snel en kostefficiƫnt te kunnen maken.

Deltour uses several robots in its production process. This enables us to produce at night as well, in order to manufacture your products fast and cost-efficiently.