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Heatsinks for every application

Deltour is heatsink manufacturer and specialist in precision manufacturing. Our factory is one of the most modern factories in Europe and this enables us to manufacture in a flexible and cost conscious way. We give you top quality heatsinks at very competitive prices, even when small numbers or short delivery times are concerned. Apply for a quotation today and try our services.


Deltour heeft heatsinks op voorraad

We produce all heatsinks in-house, from prototype to large series. We contribute ideas, about the costs as well, and we are flexible and reliable. We are the only heatsink manufacturer in the Netherlands that has extruded heatsinks in stock. We process heatsinks of all lengths and we make all necessary adjustments.


Deze standaard ROLEC behuizing wordt door ons aangepast met gaten en geextrudeerde koellichamen en ge poedercoat.

One of our specialties is processing electronic enclosures. We process enclosures from solid materials that have cooling fins and customized standard enclosures. Deltour is able to provide completely custom-made enclosures.

Mounting materials

Montage strippen inclusief interface

At Deltour, we also provide mounting materials for heatsinks such as heatsink strips, small brackets, small distance sleeves and spreader plates. This makes us the one-stop shop for many applications in electronics.

Processing heatsinks

Gereedschappen voor een CNC machine

Milling, turning, engraving, anodising, drilling and tapping, covering with foil. Ook kunnen wij u begeleiden met het ontwerpen en testen van heatsinks. We can also help you with designing and testing heatsinks. We are able to perform the most complex processes for all kinds of heatsinks, enclosures and top plates.

Precision manufacturing

Fijnmechanica, precisie draaiwerk, aluminium

Deltour provides precision work for various industries. We are able to manufacture custom-made precision work with very great accuracy (fitting sizes in microns are possible).

Measuring chamber

CNC meetmachine

Precision is what it is all about with regard to heatsinks and precision manufacturing. We have set up a measuring chamber with a 3D CNC Mitutoyo measuring machine especially for that. This allows us to measure everything we have manufactured accurately up to 2 microns.