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Measuring chamber. Measuring with a tolerance of 1.9 microns

We have set up a special measuring chamber in order to secure the quality of our heatsinks even better. Our 3D CNC Mutitoyo measuring machine measures with a tolerance of 1.9 microns.

Deltour kan sommige producten binnen enkele micron nauwkeurig  maken.

For some of its products, Deltour is able to manufacture with an accuracy up to a few microns. In order to be able to ensure that that quality is maintained, it is very important for us to check tolerances accurately.

Checking the measurements of our own products is essential to us. We would not be able to measure the flatness of the surfaces well, for instance, without a measuring chamber.

The advantage of a CNC measuring machine is that it enables us to check larger series and provide them with a measurement report as well. At minimum costs!

Advantages measuring chamber for heatsinks

  • Check everything from 1 piece up to larger series
  • Measurement reports for larger series at minimum costs
  • 3D measuring
  • Tolerance of 1.9 microns
  • Measuring range 720 x 500 mm
  • Meeting the highest requirements and preferences of customers
  • Providing quality management and working quality-oriented
  • Complete measurement reportt
  • Getting insight into the readings within 2 hours, in case this is necessary
Deltour meetkamer

Our measuring chamber.