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Anodising and chromating of heatsinks

We offer anodising in natural and black. Anodising provides the heatsink with an attractive look and makes it corrosion-resistant.

We also do in-house chromating. We use MAVOMcoat 1300. That is a trivilant chromium process (natural chromating), which makes the heatsink RoHS compliant. Chromating offers additional protection against rust. And with a layer of chrome, electricity is conducted better.

Our own equipment for anodising and chromating

We have our own equipment for anodising and chromating heatsinks. This allows us to check the quality level of our work constantly. And it allows us to keep short delivery times, since we do not need to outsource work.

  • Natural and black*
  • Attractive look
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • A maximum of control of quality
  • Rapid delivery times and competitive prices

* Black anodising allows the heatsink to function even 10% more efficient. This applies to statically cooled heatsinks, not to forced (fanned) air-cooled heatsinks.

Heatsinks blank en zwart anodiseren

Deltour has its own anodising department for black and natural anodising of heatsinks.

Heatsinks anodiseren blank en zwart

Natural and black anodising makes the appearance of the heatsink more attractive and increases its corrosion-resistance

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