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Other processes

In addition to the many standard processes we provide for heatsinks, we also provide a number of special processes:

  • (Spot) welding (in-house/outsourcing)
  • Small folded sheet metal
  • Sheet metal, using high-tolerance milling
Datron Freesmachine

Datron M10 Pro with precision linear glass scales can perform high-speed milling (40.000 rpms) with an accuracy of 5 microns.

We have a high-speed milling machine at our disposal that has a vacuum table of 700 x 1000 mm. This allows us to mill sheet metal very accurately (approximately 0.01 mm). And you will not see ugly raw edges there, which makes our product more pleasant to look at. We also use this machine for precise 2.5D milling.

Fijn 2,5D freeswerk

The 4 ring logo milled for a car with a custom build interior.

Fijn 2,5D freeswerk

By using 2.5D milling techniques, we are able to make very precise parts. This is the logo, enlarged 20x.

Deltour heeft moderne lasapparatuur waarmee we kleine en nauwkeurige (RVS en stalen) onderdelen kunnen maken.

Deltour has modern welding equipments with which we can manufacture small and precise (steel and stainless steel) parts.

Niet onze meest voorkomende activiteit, maar als het nodig is kunnen wij in eigen huis (dus zonder uitbesteden) kleine delen zetten (buigen) in de benodigde vorm.

This is not something we do on a regular basis, but in case this is necessary, we are able provide in-house (so no outsourcing here) folding into the shape that is needed.