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Engraving and screen printing

Engraving heatsinks and other products is becoming more common. It is used for putting the brand or type on a product, for instance.

We are able to engrave all products, heatsinks, enclosures and other precision manufacturing products we manufacture in-house.

We can also mark a part with a p/n (part number). And marking with the SIC marking machine is done in a certified way, which is a cost-effective way of marking.

Screen printing
For screen printing we turn to our industrial partners. They can be of service to you rapidly and take work off your hands.

Options engraving and screen printing

  • In-house
  • Engraving
  • Marking
  • Screen printing
SIC markeerapparaat dat met kleine puntjes onderdelen kan markeren met tekst of symbolen.

SIC marking machine that is able to mark parts using small dots for text or symbols.

graveren van producten

There are different methods of CNC engraving. We do it here by milling through the black anodic layer. Colouring at a later stage, however, is possible too.