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Interface: material and gluing

Interface or foil with electrically insulating properties (such as Kapton) and/or good thermal properties (such as Phase change) is important for heatsinks in certain situations.

Wij kunnen producten inclusief geplakte interfacematerialen leveren.

We can deliver products with glued interface material. We do this in a clean environment (but not in a cleanroom).

We buy foils on a regular basis, often cut or layered to size. Then we glue the foils to the heatsinks ourselves. We have a clean environment that is free of cuttings in which we – should the customer require this – glue various kinds of interface materials to heatsinks. This way, we provide the customer with a complete product.

One-stop shop interfaces purchasing and gluing

For the best foils for heatsinks, Deltour cooperates with Universal Science in Huizen. We use their complete assortment of heat conducting tapes, foils and silicone rubbers and electrically-isolating tapes.

Heatsink met interface materiaal

Heatsink with interface material