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Purchasing and processing heatsinks

Deltour purchases heatsinks from external parties such as Fischer Elektronik from Germany on a regular basis. We process these heatsinks in order to customize them to the specific requirements of our customers. We are also able to provide them with interface material.

Some of the profiles from Fisher that we supply on a regular basis are listed below. You can contact us about heatsinks from Fisher or other producers and we will try to help you as fast as we can.

  • SK1
  • SK9
  • SK19
  • SK31
  • SK52
  • SK53
  • SK60
  • SK66
  • SK78
  • SK97
  • SK99
  • SK104
  • SK112
  • SK119
  • SK120
  • SK125
  • SK156
  • PR158
  • SK408
  • SK178
  • SK179
  • GP213
  • SK147
  • SK407
  • SK487
  • SK499
Heatsink Fischer met gat en interface

Heatsink Fischer, provided by us with a hole and an interface.