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Reproduction heatsinks

When electronics have to be revised, it happens regularly that not all parts are available. For that problem, we share our ideas with our customers and try to find the right solution.

We are capable of reproducing practically all heatsinks and cooling plates with the use of drawings. This is done when, for instance, the original manufacturer no longer manufactures the product or when the manufacturer no longer exists. Of course, heatsinks are reproduced in accordance with the law.

Reproduction heatsinks

  • Replacing parts that manufacturers no longer have available or no longer manufacture
  • Reproduction from a drawing of the original
  • Carried out in accordance with the law
Reproductie heatsinks

We are requested regularly to reproduce products that are no longer available on a standard basis, such as this 40-year-old HOLEC product.

Nagemaakte Heatsink uit massief

Replicated heatsink from solid material