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Round (twisted) heatsinks

Deltour manufactures round heatsinks by applying conventional turning methods CNC-operated. We have conventional lathes and fully automated centres at our disposal. This is where you can make a profit: more quantity at interesting prices.

Rond ge├źxtrudeerd koellichaam

We can extrude round customer-specific heatsinks. In that case, the fins are always in the longitudinal direction of the body.

Additionally, we regularly manufacture heatsinks by round milling existing heatsinks. Cooling electronics or LEDs with a round heatsink is much simpler and more cost-efficient this way.

Heatsink, op maat gemaakte LED-behuizing

Aluminium enclosure of a LED bathroom light with integrated cooling.

Heatsink, op maat gemaakte LED behuizing

Natural anodised aluminium enclosure of a LED shop window light with integrated cooling.