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Assembled heatsinks

Assembled heatsinks are good solutions to making prototypes for heatsinks that will be extruded at a later stage. Or for heatsinks that will always be produced in small series.

Does the extruded profile offer you too little cooling capacity? In that case, assembled heatsinks can solve this problem, with thinner and longer fins, placed closer together than is possible in extrusion processes.

Usage of assembled heatsinks

We have been specialised in heatsinks of assembled profiles for many years. For these heatsinks we use separate machines and special glues and materials.

  • Bottom plates of any desired size
  • Gluing and pressing cooling fins firmly into place (good thermal properties)
  • Copper cooling fins for extra large cooling capacity
  • Large, heavy profiles. These cannot be extruded, so we assemble them separately. Are used in heavy performance electronics
  • Combining with an enclosure that has been milled from solid aluminium. Specially for EMC-sensitive applications (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
  • Aluminium heatsinks assembled with copper plates. The copper plate spreads the warmth of the components that are to be cooled better (spreader plate)

Advantages assembled heatsinks

  • In-house production, which means fast delivery at competitive prices
  • For small number, extrusion is a solution that is (too) expensive. In that case, assembly is more profitable
  • Small assembled profiles for testing a larger profile. Lower development costs for you
  • Temporary replacement of a new profile that still needs to be extruded. This saves you time
Gelijmde en geperste samengestelde heatsink

Assembled heatsinks usually have aluminium cooling fins and bottom plates. They can have copper fins too. This way we can make small to very large heatsinks in a short period of time.

Behuizing met ingeperste koel vinnen

This enclosure meets the strict EMC requirements and cools extremely well. The cover is attached with 74 bolts and the entire enclosure is silver-plated.

FOTO: Esmeralda

FOTO: RF unit Variacs