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LED Cooling

We make customer-specific heatsinks for LED cooling on a regular basis. The basis for LED cooling can be a standard heatsink, milled in a special shape. LED cooling can also be based on an enclosure with cooling fins, milled from a solid material.

Behuizing met gefreesde ribben

For this LED enclosure, with enclosed electronics, we can provide an explosion prevention certificate in relation to offshore use.

We also make twisted enclosures, shaped to your desire, and round, customer-specific heatsinks.

LED Cooling

  • Customer-specific heatsinks
  • Standard heatsink milled in a special shape
  • Heatsink with cooling fins, milled from a solid material
  • Twisted enclosures
Heatsink gebruikt om een zware LED mee te koelen, voor een tuinbouwtoepassing.

Heatsink used to cool heavy LEDs, for horticultural use.

Heatsink, op maat gemaakte  LED-behuizing

Aluminium enclosure for a LED bathroom light with integrated cooling.

Rond geextrudeerd koellichaam

We can extrude customer-specific heatsinks. In that case, the fins are always in the longitudinal direction of the body.