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Heatsinks milled from a solid material

We are also capable of manufacturing heatsinks milled from a solid material. This is really our specialty. Milling from a solid material is a good alternative for heatsinks that cannot be extruded, for instance when very thin cooling fins are too close together.

Very realistic milled prototype from solid material

With our extensive milling and turning experience and qualitative machines, we are able to manufacture prototypes that are only extruded in a later stage. These prototypes are made from exactly the same materials as the heatsinks that are to be extruded later. The prototype is therefore a very realistic representation of the final heatsink.

Customized milled 19” enclosure

The commonly used 19” enclosure can be fully custom-milled from a solid material by us. If you provide a good design drawing of a 19” enclosure, we can inform you about the exact possibilities and costs. You can apply for a quotation immediately and send the drawing along.

Heatsink uit massief gefreesd.

This heatsink is made from a solid piece of aluminium. Because of the thickness and height of the fins and the distance between them (sizes 0.9 mm, 37 mm and 2.5 mm respectively are possible), extrusion is impossible.

Behuizing uit massief aluminium

Upper and lower enclosure from solid aluminium. Including integrated cooling fins.

Behuizing uit massief aluminium

Enclosure from solid aluminium, including integrated cooling fins.