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Developments In the heatsink and precision manufacturing worlds are moving rapidly. Deltour keeps developing constantly too, for instance by robotizating and a high-tech measuring chamber. Follow us, follow the news and know what is going on.

Deltour Chromates In-House with Chromium-3

In recent years, chromium-6 has often been applied to aluminium for corrosion protection and to aluminium in electronics for better electronic conduction. Chromium-6, however, is extremely toxic (carcinogenic) and prohibited for that reason. That is why we have been using chromium-3 since 2013. This is an excellent alternative and we apply it with MAVOMcoat 1300.

MAVOMcoat 1300 is a strong Multi Metal pre-treatment product, based on chromium(III) salts and complex fluorides. MAVOMcoat 1300 offers excellent corrosion resistance as a finishing coat and is the perfect base for applying organic coatings.

We are able to carry out this process in-house, which saves us both costs and time. The maximum dimensions are 800 mm x 400 mm. (more…)

December 14, 2014  |